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Erica Graham is running for Judge of County Civil Court at Law 1 to contribute to the improvement of the civil justice system in Harris County. She believes the people of Harris County deserve judges who are committed to providing the best quality service they can to the people they serve. She also believes the judiciary should reflect the community it serves and should emphasize fairness and impartiality.

Erica Graham brings 15 years of civil litigation experience, community service and diversity to the County Court at Law 1 position. She is committed to customer service -- running a well organized and efficient courtroom, minimizing docket backlog, and reducing the time between the filing of a case and its final adjudication. She believes that every citizen, plaintiff and defendant, has a right to have his or her case heard before a fair and unbiased judge

It is imperative that the Harris County judiciary garner the confidence and trust of the community which it serves. To that end, Erica Graham's allegiance and first priority is to uphold the law. She will strive to ensure that the relevant rule of law is applied fairly and consistently to the facts of each case. Erica Graham is dedicated to running an even-handed court, where every member of the community is treated fairly and justice is served with a spirit of excellence.

Thank you for visiting the Erica M. Graham website. I appreciate your consideration and support.

Equality, Efficiency and Ethical Integrity - Justice Served With A Spirit of Excellence



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